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So I was going to try to make certain posts certain days.  That makes sense.  Only, it’s not working out that way.  So, instead, I’m going to try to just split my posts into a few main categories.

My Story: pretty simple, entries detailing my developing postpartum anxiety/OCD and all the sh!t that happened because of it

Rants: topics or themes that I remember dealing with on my journey that in my opinion, need to be changed (WARNING: these entries may include foul language, which is not a measure of my intelligence or lack thereof, simply a written method of putting emphasis on ideas and getting my point across)

Husband Posts: something I feel is lacking is stories from the partner/family/supporter’s point of view.  Since our initial support network was not the greatest, these will mostly be from my husband.

Other: I may make little posts some days about little events that occur in the now regarding my anxiety/OCD


Thanks and be well.


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