Art & Anxiety/OCD

This happened many, many weeks ago.  I think it might have been later last year (2014).  On a work errand I passed by a large space that was under construction, or at the very least was stripped down to the concrete and ductwork, etc.  On the back wall was some graffiti art (best way I can describe it).  It took up the whole back wall, which seemed to be brick.

From what I could see it was a large steampunk/industrial four-legged creature standing in water, almost like a boat dock.  No matter how hard I tried (I want to try again), I couldn’t find/see the creature’s head.

So why should you care?  Well, as I said, the space seemed to be under construction, even though the windows weren’t covered.  I don’t know if the art on the wall is going to be covered up, if it’s part of the plan, but even if I’d been allowed to go in and view the art, I wouldn’t have, for a bunch of reasons.  I’d fear for my physical safety, being in a construction environment, plus my anxiety and OCD would be roaring and screaming at me to turn tail and run.

I was, however, good with getting right up against the glass (almost) to try to get the best picture possible of the art.  The window glare was definitely annoying, but the glass also offered protection (both literal as well as telling myself that there was a physical barrier that could not bend metal) from the not so pretty insides.

Maybe I wouldn’t be that bad, I doubt I’ll ever know.  So I’ll have to make do with viewing the art through a window, and hope they don’t cover it up after the space is fixed up.


~ by phaerygurl on May 30, 2015.

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