Have Wipes, Will Clean (even when you think it’s not necessary)

So I’ve been very neglectful of this blog and I really hope you can forgive me.  I didn’t really want to be a postpartum depression hero or anything, but I wanted to get my story out there, because there are still so few.  More of them in the blog world to be certain, but VERY few in the published world.  And I’m not knocking the celebrities that have written about their experience.  They’re people, deep down bare bones, they are people, and not immune to this lovely (yes that’s sarcasm) life-changing mental illness called postpartum depression/anxiety/OCD/psychosis.

I just ALSO want regular people.  And I just happen to be one of those regular people.  And I just got smacked in the head with something I’ve known for a long time on this blog, I can SCHEDULE stuff!  Now, as I said, I’ve known about this for awhile, but it didn’t really click until today.  Hip hip hoo-f*cking-ray!  So I’ll try to post more often by scheduling stuff in advance.  I promise to do my bestest 🙂  I’m going to aim for two posts a month, basically every two weeks.  If I’ve got a lot in the pipeline, then I’ll try to do more per month.  You can also always ask questions in the comments or by e-mailing me.

Now on to the business at hand.  I think most if not all OCD people carry wipes, and sanitizer, and maybe other on-the-spot cleaning stuff.  I am no different.  To this day (coming up on 5 1/2 years postpartum, when does it stop being postpartum?, another blog post, sorry, tangent) I still carry hand sanitizer and wipes.  I used to say that being a mom gave me permission to carry both and use them whenever I felt the need.  Well, I still do, feel the need that is, just not as often.  And I use the wipes for other things (mostly art stuff, like the little heart in the top left corner here)


This here is a photo of my wipes on my lap while sitting in my car (bottom left corner is my shirt, so I’m facing the top right corner).  I was getting gas for my car.  Now someone told me a long time ago that she did carry wipes in her car for after she got gas.  Prior to getting sick, I filled my tank up on more than one occasion, and even topped off my oil (in older cars), so I was no stranger to the most likely myriad of dirt, etc. on the pump handle, etc.  After I got sick, forget it.  I could get gas, when necessary (and in fact it was because I could not find full-service stations in FL), so I would get a wipe ready.  I’d swipe my card, pump my gas, and then clean my hands and my credit card (and it’s always worked, so the wipe never hurt it).

IMG_2352That is a Nightmare Before Christmas bag I got at Hot Topic several years ago (the other side is Jack’s face), along with some other things peeking out.  It’s sitting on my front passenger seat, taken just after the previous photo.  Very important, however, is the package of wipes.  One package can last me awhile, since as I said, I don’t use them as often as I used to, or I’ve been using them for art stuff.  But I still always carry a package of wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer.  They have come in handy many times over.

Be well.


~ by phaerygurl on May 2, 2015.

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