We need more of these..

Hubby got this link through one of my relatives and thought it would be a good post for my blog.  After reading it, I have to agree.  And while this article is geared towards new moms, I think it’s also a good “forewarned is forearmed” for pregnant moms as well (as in moms who already have one or more children.)  I really do think we need more of these; articles that are informative and let women know they are not alone.

And for anyone who’s paying attention, note the date of the article (it’s from earlier this month).

The following appeared on Boston.com:
Headline: OCD in new mothers is common: study
Date:    Mar 9, 2013

(Relaxnews) – A new study finds that 11 percent of new mothers experience a temporary case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) during the months after giving birth.


Questions and comments are welcome.  Likes are cool, but I want to know what you like, please? 🙂

Be well.


~ by phaerygurl on March 25, 2013.

5 Responses to “We need more of these..”

  1. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    An important article my wife was given about how OCD in new mothers is more common than people realize.

  2. After my first daughter was born, I found myself checking the locks at night seven times each. I couldn’t sleep until that was done. Happily, one time is enough now!

    • I still have those, the number is far lower, and part of it is religious/spiritual significance, but the actions aren’t really necessary. I’m really glad you were able to get past it.

  3. After my first baby, I had your run-of-the-mill PPD (if there is such a thing as the “regular” kind). But after my second, I was one of the lucky new moms with postpartum psychosis – I “saw” spiders that weren’t there. Two babies seemed like a good stopping point after that. I don’t even want to know what I would’ve “seen” after Baby #3.

    It’s no secret that my big interest is food – specifically, how it affects our minds. I have to wonder if there’s some kind of nutritional recommendation doctors could give us after birth that would cut down on the risk of PPD and OCD. Megadoses of Vitamin D? Niacin? A B-complex pill? The answer has to be there somewhere.

    Sorry to write a novel here in your comment section… just thinking aloud. 🙂 Still enjoying your blog!

    • Thanks, and don’t worry about the novels. I love it! I only have the one little person, but I do want another; even with the possibility ot getting this or something worse. It’s so strange how it snuck up on me. And all the articles and research I’ve read seems to be saying there’s a lot of different possibilities. How the US treats motherhood and the family unit in general, how it’s hormonal (which has to do with diet as well), etc. It’s interesting to me that with the hormones shooting up during pregnancy and then coming back down, nobody thinks to try to make that transition easier. As you said, some kind of vitamin/mineral supplement that lets your body and mind gradually get used to the hormonal changes.

      I didn’t feel any different when I was pregnant, as far as being all glowy and happy. I was happy, but I wasn’t overly perky or anything. One thing I laid down the law on was touching my belly. Charles (dear hubby) was the only one allowed. My opinion was you wouldn’t touch my stomach if I wasn’t, and it’s still a part of me, so no manhandling.

      I can only guess if there’s ever been a study done on women who get PPD and the like and those that don’t, see what differences there are hormonally, etc. Usually the problem with studying two groups is that there are so many other factors that it’s not possible to say what did it. But if they could, I don’t know, do some bloodwork at certain points to see what’s going on, t least for individual cases. But there also needs to be more than a little blip in a huge folder of pamphlets about PPD. My knowledge was limited to stories I’d heard (which amounted to one, and she was obviously different from me), and the simple fact that I knew it existed. Plus, doctors know what the hormones do during and after pregnancy, they should do something about it. Monitor it, talk to the mothers, and see about a supplement to help balance everything. Having a baby is enough chaos (good and possibly bad) without adding the possibility of PPD and not even knowing it can happen.

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