Wipes…plural (thank you Monk)

Anyone who knows about the television series Monk with Tony Shaloub should understand my post title.  I don’t remember the episode, but normally he only needed one wipe.  That situation apparently required multiple.  And I’m having the same type of situation.

I really hate dealing with my anxiety/OCD triggers.  I’d rather not be in this situation, in general, but that would require that I never got sick with this #$% in the first place.  That way, I wouldn’t even be writing about it.

However, c’est la vie (sp?).  I’m at a two day temp job.  The office has a closet/room for the telephone switchboard.  And of course, with my history, I take a peek in.  I don’t actually go in, but I look around and, yes, to my dismay, my big trigger.  Of my two big triggers, this one comes out slightly ahead in most cases.  For this post, I will type the word.  WARNING: if you’re in the beginning or think you’re just developing symptoms and/or are still in the delicate first stages, skip down to CONTINUE.  So my top, #1, trigger is: insulation, the itchy kind.



I don’t know why, but there you have it.  So I see this when I take my peek.  Again, I’m VERY thankful for having gone through the therapy and for previous encounters of this type, because that’s what’s keeping me from freaking out.  Now the simple fact that it’s there and the door is open wouldn’t bother me too terribly much, except the phone guy is here.  He only comes about once every six months.  Just my luck, he came today, my first of two days here.  $!%#&%&$%!#^#%^%^&.

So he’s still around, but there’s a plastic garbage bag hanging over where he’s been, so it’s kinda okay, and I’ve been in somewhat similar situations, as far as me and proximity to said trigger, and I just used wipes, and washed my clothes, which I’ve worn since then with no troubles.

Nobody here knows my issue, of course, and they probably won’t.  But my legs are bouncing under my desk (gotta love nervous twitches), and I’m taking deep breaths.  Trying to keep my emotional voice from overriding my logical voice.  Right now, my internal monologue is something like “Justbreatheit’sokayjustbreatheit’sokayjustbreatheit’sokay.”

An odd plus side to this, I’m getting some cardio at my desk. :/


~ by phaerygurl on February 28, 2013.

3 Responses to “Wipes…plural (thank you Monk)”

  1. How in the world does this keep happening to you?

    • I’m just that lucky :/ He’s gone now and I’ve wiped everything I could, so to speak, So I’m okay, just gotta wipe the bottom of my shoes before I get in the car.

  2. I nominated you for this new award. Congrats and enjoy. http://legendsofwindemere.com/2013/03/06/the-best-moment-award/

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