Pregnancy stress worth screaming over…

The last straw occurred a week before my son was born (he came a day before his due date).

I had cut off communication with a certain family member  for the previous two months and their birthday was coming.  I kept insisting that I didn’t want to call this person, talk to this person, nothing.  Other relatives who knew about my silent treatment insisted I at least send a card.  Problem is: with this person, after any argument where this person should apologize before civil communication resumes; extending an olive branch leads to an attitude from this person of ‘all is forgiven, no more fighting, we’re back to normal.’

So I sent this person  a card.  Sure enough, this person was calling me up and speaking to me all nice and civil.  Hubby and I think it’s possible the two month silent treatment may have worked.  Then, above-mentioned last straw happens.  This person sends an e-mail about a week before my due date.  This, by the way, is the second time this person has pulled this stunt of sending me an e-mail a week before a big event in my life.  The e-mail is designed to express this person’s disappointment, dislike/hatred, confusion, and anger over the situation; even if this person has no right to be, which is the case here both times.  This person did the same thing just before our wedding.  And just to note: this person’s the ONLY person who had a problem either time.

So again, a week before my due date, this person sends an e-mail to me. The tone of the e-mail was harsh, mean, and designed to create guilt.  It was the last thing I needed at this point.  Thankfully, Charles (aka hubby) was warned about it by another family member and took care of it.  I didn’t see the e-mail until after I was warned and prepared for the venom in the words.

So yes, stress in my personal life prior to giving birth: check.


~ by phaerygurl on February 28, 2013.

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